MillTech Ag is a company founded by millwrights with the goal of providing customers with the best possible work for a fair price.  We have 25 years of experience that has taught us how to do things the right way. When we start out on anything, whether it be a new project or to manufacture equipment, we ask ourselves 3 questions:

How can we build it to last?

How can we give the customer the best return on their investment?

How can we do it the most efficient way to ensure the best quality?

Let’s take pipe linings for example.

If you look at our competitors’ product offering you will see multiple choices of linings. We only have 1, ceramic lining. This is for good reason. We only want linings that will last. Other lining choices might be cheaper initially but the cost of replacing that part early will wipe out any savings that you might get for that cost reduction.

The easy way to line a pipe or duct is to use a mat of hex tile. It is fast and easy, and somewhat fits the complex curves and surfaces inside an elbow or duct.  However, it only fits somewhat, and there are many edges and can catch on the grain. This slows throughput and, more importantly, wears faster.

This does not work for MillTech Ag.  Our products are built to last and to give the customer the best performance. There is a better way, and so that is how we do it.

See the difference? We use custom fitted tiles that match the surface exactly. The gaps are fewer and smaller. The surfaces are smoother and cleaner. There are fewer places for the grain to catch, and wear. It is just better and that is why we do it. We know that our customer will be replacing this at a longer interval and saving money and downtime.

This is just one of the many ways it is better to get your equipment from millwrights. It is even more important to work with people who have been building equipment to last for 25 years. Call us today to talk to a millwright about your needs.