We know there are several key factors to weigh including economic value with effective results.  One component is making sure you have the correct material handling equipment for the job and that it works right off the bat.  MillTech Ag Industries (MillTech) can help.  We provide exceptional quality and make the process easy.

We do this for a living.

MillTech has a full-service fabrication facility and offers extensive agricultural millwright and electrical services.  This is the work we perform daily and have been doing so for over 25 years.  Not only do we fabricate the items on our site, but we also regularly install them.  This gives us the knowledge of what is important about each and every product, helping to ensure the best quality to our customers.  Our products are built to last and designed for ease of installation.   

Find what you’re looking for, in seconds.

Not sure exactly what you need? What size? Should it be tiled? What about the price? MillTech‘s e-commerce store allows you to search and configure items without having to peruse through catalogs or wait on the phone. Did you omit a part? Our store suggests related parts and other hardware. You can also compare items side-by-side to help you decide the best way to complete a project.  Additionally, you can get in touch with one of our experienced Millwrights to assist in determining effective solutions to your unique challenges.   

Save money

Our small company, low overhead approach, allows us to pass savings on to you.  Show us your quote and we will beat it. MillTech’s location in the beautiful Texas Panhandle area of the American High Plains, positions us in the center of the country, bringing us closer to you so you can save on freight

Try us.

Check us out at www.milltechag.com or give us a call at 800-999-1506. We’re confident you will be satisfied.